17 October 2006

Sick and tired, Cleo

Here’s a small quick update by me. I’ve wanted to write earlier last week, but I just couldn’t find the time. And I should be in bed right now as well actually, but I thought I’d postpone that for 5 more minutes so that I can write here. These last 3 days I’ve felt quite bad actually. I got a headache on Sunday when I came from church and it got worse and worse. I couldn’t eat dinner at night and I just felt really bad. I stayed at home from work yesterday, for the first time in 3 years, and I just watched some TV, I slept some more and I did some homework. I planned to go to Pilates this morning, because I was feeling a bit better, but then when I woke up I felt like I was going to have another head ache and I was really tired. I hadn’t slept well last night. So I cancelled Pilates and I went back to bed. I slept till noon and I went to Brother Ignatius later in the afternoon. I really enjoyed our being together. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot and I also dare to ask him some controversial questions, like why Protestants don’t have a pope, while the basis for it is in the Bible. We also talked about Martijns family. I’m glad we didn’t cover my family yet, because that’s a very long story and it always gets me a bit emotional. I told my new colleague about my family last week and when I told her everything in a nutshell, it sounded like a bad story of a soap opera. I had dinner with Martijn at the university and I went to my first class, Linguistics. I was so tired during that class that I decided to skip the next one and I just went home. I asked one of my classmates to copy her notes for me and I went home. And now I’m here, typing this story while I should’ve been in bed by now.
I have one big scoop for you, I bought a Nintendo DS last Saturday! A black one and I also bought the Nintendogs game, the Dalmation and Friends version. It is so much fun. It’s really great. I chose a golden retriever for my first dog and her name is Cleo. I can actually call her through the microphone and I’ve already taught her some tricks. I’m saving money in the game now to be able to buy a second dog. I might get a Dalmatian, but I’m not completely sure yet. The dog on the picture above isn’t my dog, but she looks a bit like her. I also bought the Starwars III game and the Harry Potter game. The only other game that I still want to have is the new Sims Pets game, but that isn’t released yet, so I’ll have to wait another month for that.
Well, this is a short update of my life and I hope to talk to you soon.


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