05 October 2006

Yesterday, Priest, Work, SQPN future

Yesterday I started with my Pilates class. It didn’t go too well. I was still very sleepy and I couldn’t do one exercise, the ‘Roll over’. I got very frustrated about that.
In the afternoon I actually did my homework and I did everything I had planned to do. That’s pretty special for me; I didn’t even play Guild Wars.
In the end of the afternoon I had a meeting with the priest of the church I attended for a while. Yes, I know, it’s the church I have attended for the last few months, but I’m not planning to go back there anymore. The priest invited me to come to the introduction meetings of the Neo-Catechumenal group on Monday and Thursday. That was basically all he offered. He said he couldn’t forbid me to get the preparation by the Brothers, but he wasn’t a big advocate of it. He says you have to be a part of the community in the preparation for the Holy Communion. He also advised me not to participate in the Confirmation class on Saturdays. He said I would be rushing things too much and that the next opportunity would be in 2 years time. I think he’s right on that part, but I’m just not too happy with it. I was really disappointed that he only guided me towards the Neo-Catechumenal community and I’ve really decided I don’t want to do that. It will ask even more time from me and I don’t want to invest that at this moment. Perhaps I will in a couple of years, but not right now. I want to learn and study the regular liturgy, and for my extra catechesis I go to the youth group at Friday nights. I don’t want to have even more groups and extra catechesis on Saturday night. I do want to spend some time with Martijn.
Martijn and I went out for dinner last night together with his father, his partner and Martijns sister. We went to a Greek restaurant. We had really nice meal and a nice time together.
Today I worked with my new colleague. It went pretty well. I was still a bit tired, but we worked well together and she has done most of the photo work.
Tomorrow I’ll have to work again and I’ll have 45 minutes class in the evening, Language Lab.
I also read today that the next Daily Breakfast podcast is about the future of SQPN. I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, I’m gonna do that tomorrow morning on my morning commute. I just want to say that I’m pretty anxious what that’s going to be like. They want to go commercial and get ‘incorporated’ or something. It means they’ll grow bigger and bigger, and the cosy, intimate feeling of the podcast will get lost, I’m afraid. These are just my feelings, and I don’t have anything to base it on, but I’m very afraid that that’ll happen and that I’ll lose my favourite podcasts. It’s like a sacrifice I have to make for the greater good, for all the other thousands of people who will discover Fr Roderick’s good work. We’ll just see what’ll happen in the future.


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