28 November 2006

It's me, Yolanda!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Yolanda and I live together with Charda and Martijn. I don’t know anything of my past. The first recollection I have is of waking up in the hospital on Martijns bed. The day went by being a bit blurry. I remember something of being undressed by Charda and her sister in law, but that might have been a dream as well. Martijn and Charda have been taking really good care of me, as you might have seen on the pictures. I have been fed well, I always sleep with them in the bed and they let me watch TV. I have to do some chores around the house, but I don’t really mind. They show me their study books and tell me what their lectures have been about. It’s really interesting stuff, both the English lessons and the Law classes.

Today I had a quiet day. Charda left early for work and Martijn left some time after her. The good thing about Mondays is that I have the whole house for myself, and as long as I clean up after myself, they’ll never know what I do during the day. First I watched some TV, but there wasn’t anything cool on, so I turned it off again. Afterwards I ate some chocolates which were lying around. They won’t miss it anyway. Then I turned on the computer and I googled for the ‘Carebears’ and ‘Scooby Doo’. I know he’s a dog, but he’s so funny! After that I decided it was time for some exercise so I climbed around the house to keep my body as toned as it is now. Afterwards I took a nap and then it was 8 pm and Charda came home and found me sleeping in the bed. She gave me some pasta to eat as you can see, and some dessert after it. Right now she’s asleep while I am typing this little story for you. I just hope she won’t wake up because of the noise! Well, I’ll update soon to tell you lots of other stuff that I do during the day.



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