20 November 2006

Hyves, Work, Today, Tomorrow

Ok, almost no one has seen it yet, only Martijn and his sister know about it, but now I’m making it official: I have a Hyves account. For all you non-Dutch people, I’m sorry, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Hyves is like the MySpace of the Netherlands I guess, although I’ve never seen a MySpace account. It’s a place where you can add a profile, and then you can add all your friends, and you can look at their friends etc, etc. I also checked out some people I have been to primary school with. It’s funny to see them with kids already. The link is http://charda1982.hyves.nl

Today I worked with my colleague. It was all right, nothing too spectacular. The machine hadn’t been working properly on Saturday, but I didn’t have any problems today. Everything worked as it should. I cleaned up the mess they had left on Saturday. The turnover wasn’t too spectacular, but it was fine.

Yesterday I ordered Christmas cards at Vista Print. I used a picture Martijn made with his camera on Saturday. Nothing too special, it was a picture of a pine tree with pineapples. I added a template and some text and now I’ll have to wait till they arrive. I’m curious what they will look like for real. I also ordered some pictures. Martijn and I made some pictures with our cameras under the same circumstances. I ordered some of these pictures so that I can see what they will look like in print. I ordered 55 prints for less than 10 Euro. I also ordered a new memory card for my digital camera today. I ordered it at our supplier. It has 2 GB and it has about 80x speed. I wanted a faster one than normal, because sometimes it takes a longer time to write the pictures. The price was really low, about half the price the shop asked for it where I bought my camera.

Tomorrow I have to study at the library, and I’m curious to see whether I will actually go there or not. Last week I was having too good a time at home doing nothing. At least Yolanda is studying hard for our exams.


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