27 April 2008

Cache, ToyVoyagers, Work

Today, Yolanda, Martijn and I went for a walk. Martijn and I each took our photo cameras with us and our GPS receiver. And we found a cache! As you can see on the picture, we haven’t mastered all the settings yet, though most of the pictures came out quite okay. You can check them out at: http://www.charda.nl/gallery2/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=478 It was nice to be outside again. We hadn’t been outside like this since last October. But the next time won’t be that far away. I joined a website called Toyvoyagers: http://www.toyvoyagers.com It’s basically what I have been doing with Yolanda for a long time, except that Yolanda lives with me. The basic idea is that you send a teddy bear of some kind to another person and that person shows the teddy bear around where he or she lives. The person, the host, will take pictures of this and post them online in the travelogs on the website, or on the teddy’s own weblog. My own ToyVoyager (TV) is on her way to the US. The TV’s name is Sussy Greenfeet. This is her link: http://www.toyvoyagers.com/index.php?a=topic&t=210838 I am waiting for the arrival of Garfield. I’ll show him around the house here, and I’ll have to show him my part of the Netherlands of course. I’m quite excited about it and I hope he’ll arrive soon. I expect him somewhere next week.

Next week I’ll have to work all week because my colleague has the week off. But there are two holidays in the middle of the week, so it’s not even a complete week. And that’s about all the news I have right now :)


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