12 January 2006

Test, Interview, CI, Mum

It’s not even that late, but I’m pretty tired. Yesterday I had my Linguistics exam. It went pretty OK. I expected more difficult and detailed questions. I hope that I will pass it, I think I can when counting the points I have scrambled together.
Today I worked all day, with the owners of the shop. That’s never too great. And I’m so glad that I put my telephone on ‘silent’, because the drugstore called today to make an appointment for a second interview. And this interview is…tomorrow! At 9:30 I have the interview in the centre of The Hague in one of the shops. Not that I’m gonna work there, but just to have an objective someone have another look at me. I’m kinda happy it is this fast, since I don’t have any time to worry about it or to get nervous. I hope it’ll all go well.
And today lots of stuff happened on the Catholic Insider forum. There’s a lot of debate going round about what to do next, since the editorial team (including me) is the only team who has really produced something. The question also arose whether some people should take some ‘leadership’ in the different departments to take away some of the workload of Fr Roderick. We’ll just have to see where this is all going to end.
And most important of all: it's my moms birthday today. She turned 55 today, and I spoke to her briefly over the phone, and she did have a nice day, so I'm happy for her.


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