06 April 2006

Work, Lit Class, Internet and Academic Use, Weekend

Today was a very long day, as usually my Thursdays are. I worked all day. Nothing really special happened. The turnover wasn’t really special either. I think it was OK, but not too high.
Tonight I had my Literature classes. The first hour and a half were about Tom Jones by Henry Fielding. Those were really boring, since I hadn’t read the book. I read the book, but I only read the first 4 parts, instead of the complete 18 ones. Yes, there are 18, I just discovered today. I just listened to the lecture and I made many notes. My teacher told us that he had gotten bored with his own lecture on Tom Jones, so he had been doing some research for the past few days and he was pretty happy with what he had discovered. It’s fun to see a teacher being involved like that.
The second class was also by him about using the Internet and what kinds of information you can use for essays and academic research in general. I thought it would be boring and that I knew everything already, but that wasn’t true. I did learn some useful things. I also got my comparative essay back I wrote on Swift. I had a 7.5. I’m really glad with it. Again, from this teacher that really means something and lots of my classmates had lower grades. So I’m satisfied.
After class I went to the train station and I waited for my boyfriend there and we travelled back home together. My boyfriend came back from work. This weekend I don’t have to work, that means the next 3 days, and I get to spend time on my homework and perhaps even have a day off at Sunday. At the very least I can sleep in tomorrow. So I’m gonna go to bed and see if I can arrange that.


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