02 December 2005

Application, Vocab, Harry Potter

Yesterday I talked to my former manager about my application. She talked to her supervisor. He or she had said that I should send my application to my former manager so that she can send it to him or her. I am pretty happy with this construction, because now I don’t end up on the big pile at the Personnel department, but I have a different way in.
Today I finally slept in till 11 o’clock, while the last nights I slept way too short. And I did some homework today. I have to make 20 Vocabulary Units this weekend, and now I’m halfway through. It’s not as much as I wanted to do, but it’s a nice start.
And tonight, I’m going to Harry Potter!!! I reserved two tickets for the new Goblet of Fire movie for 20.30 tonight. I am so happy, and yes, I’m going together with my boyfriend, which is also very nice.
Oh, and by the way, I got my essay back which I wrote about dr Faustus last week. The teacher wrote on it: Good Work. I am very happy with his. I do have some minor mistakes to correct, but that’s not a lot of work. So these two days were pretty successful.


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