04 December 2005

Finished Homework, Harry Potter, Application

Again, it took me a long time to do my homework, but at least I have finished the 20 vocabulary units I needed to do for next Tuesday. Now I only need to learn them Still have a lot of other homework to do, but I’ll see how far I’ll get with that.
Friday night we went to the theatre to see Harry Potter. It was a nice movie, it looked good, but I missed a lot which was in the book. They changed most of the story, especially the part of the house-elves, like Dobby in the second movie. And I didn’t really like the part in the maze. In the book it’s a really exciting bit, also with some mythological figures, but now they changed it into a very grim and fast race. Only the part afterwards was done really well.
I’m very much in doubt whether I will send my application. I want to work somewhere else, and I do want to send the application, but that means leaving the shop where I work now; especially now that my boss is ill and in the hospital. It’s just a bad time to leave, but I think the right time shall never come either.


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