05 December 2005

Work, Podsafe Christmas Song, Happy Sinterklaas!

It’s been a pretty long day today. I’ve been working all day. I had to print some Christmas pictures which I left last Saturday, but that was only about one hour work. After that, we didn’t have that much work to do. So, when our fellow-shop holders asked us whether we would close at 5 pm, we said we probably would. My colleague asked permission to the owner of the store, and they said we could close if all the other did as well. But, the unfortunate thing was that we couldn’t close. We still had too many customers and we did make some nice money in this last hour. I took an order of 200 Christmas cards, and they paid in advance, which is always good. So after all I still left at the regular time of 6 pm. I had the train I usually have, but it arrived half an hour later due to some signal failure on the track. So my train ride lasted half an hour longer than it should have, but at least I got to listen to some podcasts and sleep a little.
Oh, and everybody should check out the website of the new Christmas song, made by Podsafe for Peace, called ‘If every day were Christmas’.
And I almost forgot, I edited my application letter, I will run a final check tomorrow and then post it…
Happy Sinterklaas everyone!


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