16 January 2006

Job Interview, Bad Exam, Good Essay, Next Exam

Sorry I didn’t update for a couple of days. Friday and Saturday I just forgot to write, and yesterday I didn’t feel like it. I had my second job interview on Friday. It didn’t go that well. The longer I think about it, the worse it went, so it probably didn’t go that bad. I just didn’t sell myself really well on the management tasks. I hope they will still accept me for a regular function, so that I can get used to the company and climb up later on.
This weekend I didn’t do much. I should have studied for my exams, but I just didn’t do anything. And today I felt it. I had my first Literature exam tonight, and it went very crappy. I left the room crying cause I felt so bad. I even left some questions blank, because I couldn’t come up with an answer that would come somewhere close to the truth.
I did have one good thing though. My other Literature teacher was supervising the exam, and he showed me my grade for my last essay, the one about dr Faustus. I have a 9 (out of 10)! I am very very proud of this. He is not the easiest teacher, so this really means something to me.
Tomorrow I have Pilates and I will have to study for my exam on Wednesday. I think that after the fiasco of today, I really will study. I prepared my homework for this course better than for the one I had today, so I have a better feeling about this exam.


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