18 January 2006

Pilates, Studying in the Library, Fr Roderick

This morning I had my regular Pilates class. It went pretty fast, all the exercises quick after each other. It was OK, nothing really special.
This afternoon I went to the library to study there. I arrived at the regular location, but I wasn’t allowed to enter. They are renovating the library, and they had decided to shut off this department. So I went upstairs and there was a reading-room which was completely silent. That was fine as well.
I studied for about 3 hours, which is pretty long for me. I did pretty much everything I had planned to do, so I’m carefully confident about tomorrow’s exam. I even studied some when I got home, so I did my best.
Tonight at ‘Twee Vandaag’ (a Dutch news program) they had a documentary about Fr. Roderick. He is the host of the ‘Daily Breakfast’ show to which I listen every day. It was a nice documentary. They also showed him in his church, and at home while recording the show. This is a link to the video online: www.tweevandaag.nl
Well, tomorrow is my final exam, after work, and then it’s all finished.


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