21 February 2006

Work, TV Night with Olympics and ANTM, fresh or not so fresh computer

Wow, I’m pretty tired atm. I woke up pretty early because my bf had to leave for work early, and I couldn’t sleep when he had left. I had wanted to sleep for about an hour, but that didn’t work.
I was a bit anxious when I went to work today, because I wanted to know how my colleague’s job interview had been. Well, my colleague wasn’t there, but not because he had quit, but because he was very ill. I wasn’t too happy with that, because that meant I had to work with the owners. It wasn’t too bad, because the owner brought her children with her which she was babysitting. I really love those kids, so that lightened up my day a bit.
Tonight I didn’t do anything. I should have read some literature by Alexander Pope, but all I wanted to do was watch TV. I watched some Olympics games, some skiing and some ‘ice-dancing’. I didn’t even know that was a separate Olympic sport, but even I can learn new things.
After that I watched ‘America’s Next Top Model’. I still really love that show. It’s my favourite show of the week.
This weekend I formatted and reinstalled my computer. That was a whole lot of work, and I’m still not satisfied. I have done something stupid and because of that action there’s still some spyware on my computer. So, I’ll have to go through this process again. Luckily I made an image-file of my computer when it was still clean, so I have to put that image file back and just reinstall all the software. I just didn’t feel like doing that tonight. I’ll just do that some other time this week.


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