09 April 2006

Church, Audio DB, Park in The Hague

Today was the day, I’ve been to church. I’m really glad that I’ve been there, but I kind of chose the wrong mass. I chose this mass because they advertised it on the Internet on a special website dedicated to new people to come to church, especially now over Easter. The problem was that it was a Latin mass. Not everything was in Latin, but all the songs and prayers were, and the passion-story as well. I had to sit through the passion story listening to it in Latin, while I had the text in front of me in Dutch. But I actually read much faster than they could utter it in Latin, so that was a bit boring to me. I also have to get used to the Catholic way of doing a mass, since it’s very different than what I’m used to. But I received a booklet of another church when I got the book from the priest of this other church, and they also have service on Sunday, so I’m going to that church next week. It felt really good to be in church and when I received the blessing that also felt really good. So I’m really looking forward to next week and I hope I’ll like it better than this week.
Yesterday evening my boyfriend and I recorded some very cool audio-clips for the Daily Breakfast we listen to. Another listener of the DB has written scripts especially for the Holy Week for some radio-plays to explain the message of the Holy Week. Since today the Holy Week started, we really had to hurry to get them produced in time. So last night my boyfriend and I recorded some voices and we put them online so that another listener of the DB could mix them and make one take out of it. The results are on the forum of SQPN. It sounds really cool.
This afternoon my boyfriend and I went to a park in The Hague. I was hoping the flowers would have bloomed by now, but that wasn’t the case. So we just walked around for about an hour and my boyfriend took some pictures and then we went back home. And tonight I didn’t do anything. I slept for about half an hour, I watched TV and I watched some more TV, which was nice.


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