01 June 2006

100th post, Exam, Rosaries, Work

Today is my 100th post. That’s quite something for me, a lot of posts since November last year. Yeah, I’m a bit proud of myself.
Last Monday I had my exam of Language Acquisition. It was a multiple choice exam about vocabulary and grammar. I really have no idea how I did. The grammar questions weren’t that bad, but I don’t know if I answered them correctly.
I was supposed to study for my next exams yesterday, but then I thought of making my own rosaries and I found that more interesting. So I travelled throughout the city yesterday to find some nylon twine of the right thickness. That was pretty hard to find. I finally found it and then went back home to try and make a rosary. I downloaded the video and the pdf file and I actually did it. I’m not too good at making things with my hands, and knots aren’t my speciality, but I managed pretty OK. Today I made another one and that one is even nicer. It’s hard to get the knots at an even interval. The reason why I am doing this is to send them to the US, to the Rosary Army. I’ve been listening to their podcast for quite some time now. Their apostolate is to make rosaries and have other people make these rosaries for them, and they will send them away for free to anyone who requests one. I’m now going to try and help them by also making rosaries. And since the only twine available in the Netherlands is white, I have been looking around for ways to dye it. There is this fabric dye, but the description looked a bit tough and I didn’t want to try that. The alternative method is to dye the nylon with ‘Kool Aid’. That’s a kind of lemonade powder, when you add water to it you’ll have lemonade. Apparently there’s so much colour-stuff in there (and it’s an acid) that you can use it to dye nylon and wool with. So I just ordered 10 flavours at a website in the UK and I’m going to dye my own nylon. I’m really curious what that’s going to look like (and taste like) and whether it will work out all right.
Today was really busy at work and I still have lots of pictures to print for tomorrow. I hope I will finish everything in time and that tonight I’ll sleep enough.


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