06 June 2006

ANTM, Literature Exam

Yesterday I didn’t do too much, nothing really spectacular. I only discovered that last night America’s Next Top Model is back on TV! I was really happy. Now I watch Britain’s Next Top Model on Saturday and America’s Next Top Model on Monday and in the autumn we will have Holland’s Next Top Model. I just love these shows and I’m so happy that I’m able to watch them.
Tonight I had my Literature exam. I was really anxious that it would be very hard and that I would do it really badly, but it didn’t go that bad. I knew most of the answers and I wrote down an answer at every question. I think I answered about half of the questions correctly and I hope I will still gain some points for the rest of the questions. With some luck I hope to have passed this exam. When I was finished, after two hours of straight writing, I talked to my classmates, but they all thought it had been extremely difficult. I don’t know why they thought that, because I wasn’t surprised at the questions. They were pretty much how I expected them to be, I was only surprised that I knew how to answer them. But I’m really glad this exam is over and I’ll see what the mark turns out to be in about 10 days. Only one more the day after tomorrow.


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