20 June 2006

Bad day at work

Wow, I really had to work hard today. That’s not supposed to happen on Monday. I hadn’t even had my cup of coffee and I was already forced to work real hard and to think. People know my brains don’t work until I’ve had a cup of coffee and I’ve checked my e-mail and the SQPN forum.
It was just a busy day with lots of work. We had to print lots of pictures, but we also needed to help customers with frames, albums, passport pictures etc. It was really awful when one of the first customers came into our shop, crying, because she wanted to have the pictures printed of her still-born son. The pictures were really hideous to see and I think I will remember them forever. The woman was 41 weeks pregnant when they told her they couldn’t find a heartbeat and the baby was born a week later, on 6-6-2006. The baby looked so terrible. Both me and my colleague got sick to our stomachs of these pictures.
Later that day we also got a picture we had to reprint and I had to do some retouching because this was the only good picture she had of her daughter and she was going to die soon of Cancer.
And then finally there was a picture I had retouched last week of two dogs, and the woman told me that the big dog had died, because he choked on a tennis ball. Just unbelievable.
In that sense, we didn’t have a really cheerful day. The turnover was pretty good. I hope things will be better tomorrow.


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