05 June 2006


Today was Whitsunday. I went to church this morning. It was pretty cool, because the mass was in Dutch, Spanish and English. The people of the Spanish parish, who have their mass after our Dutch mass usually on Sunday, were all at the mass tomorrow. It turned out that the priest, an old Dutch man (that’s what he looks like anyway), speaks Spanish fluently. I was really surprised when I heard that, because I could tell that he wasn’t just reading out loud some texts.
Yesterday evening I got a telephone call. It was already 10 pm, on Saturday evening, so I thought it would be a prank call or someone dialled a wrong number. But the call was meant for me. It was the man from the other church I went to before, the man who lent me the book. I has sent him an e-mail about a month ago that I would like to have a talk with him. He never responded, so I didn’t even think about that mail anymore. But now he called and we scheduled a meeting on the 25th of June. The only problem is that I now go to the church really close to my house and not to his church anymore. But I was really glad that he invited me to meet him, so I’ll just go and meet him and I guess then I’ll tell him that I’m going to another church by now. Or I’ll just attend his church. I don’t really know what I’m gonna do yet.
This afternoon I should have studied for my exams, but I didn’t. Well, I read some pages, but I didn’t even do half of what I should’ve done. Today I decided that they should abandon exams. I’ll attend all the classes, I’ll do the homework, I’ll write some essays, but please, don’t make me do those horrible exams!
Tonight Martijn and I went to an Omnimax Theatre, the Omniversum, right here in The Hague. It was really a lot of fun. We saw two movies actually, since the second movie was half the price. We saw the movie ‘The mystery of the Nile’ and after that the movie ‘Greece’. www.omniversum.nl I preferred the latter movie, because it was calm and peaceful with lots of nice photography and information. It didn’t make me nauseous like the first one. Martijn preferred the first one.
We found out some pretty cool stuff in Guild Wars. I finally got some new skills by completing some quests. I’m really happy about that, because I hadn’t had any new skills for quite some time. I need to figure out what they do exactly, but they look good.
So tomorrow is another day off. I can sleep in, since there’s no mass tomorrow. I’ll study a bit, play GW, and perhaps watch some DVDs. I bought the first season of Charmed and I also bought the Xmen 2 movie. After I’ve seen that movie I can go watch episode 3 in the cinema. That’s one of the ‘after-the-exams’ plans. I can’t wait till it’s Thursday and it’s all over.


At 19:50, Blogger Panadero said...

It's good to know that there are others out there suffering with the exam blues. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Today (060606) was the first exam, and I guess I've flunked it. I'm really not sure I should be studying at my aga (42) and definitely not something that's all concepts and abstract thoughts (well , that's what if feels like).

All the best in you exams.

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