27 August 2006

Friday, Shopping with my Mom, Today

Friday was a regular day at work again. I worked with my colleague instead of my boss for most of the day, so that’s good. We tried to make some passport pictures, but one customer returned with his that they had been rejected for a passport. The colour is still way off. I don’t really mind, I just have no idea how they are going to fix this.
Yesterday I went shopping with my mother. She looked all right, I mean, I’ve seen her worse. Her hair is now really long, which is quite funny because mine is very short and it used to be the other way around. I didn’t have a very great time. We went and sat down for a drink 3 times, but the problem is that when I tell my mother something, she responds to it, but she doesn’t ask any further questions about the subject. She just listens. I’m not that great a talker, so the conversations are a bit difficult sometimes with these awkward silences. I can’t talk to my mother about Guild Wars, because she just wouldn’t understand :-) She’s about the only Dutch person without an e-mail address. She bought Martijn a really lovely morning robe (if that’s the correct English word) and she bought me this pair of Nikes as shown on the picture. It’s actually my birthday present, since it’s my birthday in one week. She was really happy to have seen me so it was good that I went. They did change the shopping centre of Almere a lot since I was last there. There’s a whole new part added to it with all these huge stores. I can’t really say that I like it, it’s big and a lot of concrete and stone.
Today I felt really bad. I was tired all day long. I went to church this morning but I was really glad when I was on my way back home. In two weeks time the bishop will be presiding our mass in our church. I’m kind of looking forward to that; that will be very cool. I went to bed this afternoon as soon as I got home. I slept a little bit, but not really well. The rest of the day I just hung around, watched some TV, and played some GW. My friend Xo, and I know he’s reading this, got back from his holiday to Paris, so we chatted a bit about what that’s been like and how his GW addiction has been. Hmm, I just remembered that I need to get the laundry out of the washing machine, as I should have done some hours ago. Let me post this quickly and I’ll go and get the laundry.


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