31 August 2006

Passport Pictures, University

Today was a long day at work. I worked with my colleague, which was fine, but it was really really busy. We do have a new machine to take passport pictures with, and the background is even grey, but the flash doesn’t work all the time. The flash kind of works at random. That’s really annoying, especially if you have like 5 people waiting to have their pictures taken in our very small shop. It’s not much fun. We also have to turn the board with the background every hour or so, with every elderly person with white or light grey hair. We have many of those customers in our shop, so that means a lot of turning. It’s just very annoying and there’s not much we can do about it. I hope my boss is going to call the supplier tomorrow and that they’ll have an answer about the flash thing. My colleague managed to connect the camera to the monitor, so that saves a lot of trouble. I didn’t think it was possible, but she knew how to do it. Well, she just tried and found the right connection.
The passport pictures thing is so big an issue now in the Netherlands. About 30/40 % of all the pictures is being rejected right now by the people who accept them (or actually don’t accept them :s). The news even started with a small report on the pictures and how silly the new rules are. I’m just afraid that it won’t change anything. It’s those new passports which include a chip with all the biometric information and stuff.
Tomorrow evening I have to go to the university, the first time after the summer holidays. I have some mixed feelings about it. I’m glad that I can go back and that I won’t have to work in the photo shop all my life, but I’m sad to think about all the hours I’ll have to spend at making my homework and reading all the literature. I hope to see all my classmates again tomorrow. I don’t have any class yet, I only get my curriculum and some general information I guess. I think I’ll be done in less than an hour. But that’s fine.


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