29 August 2006

Regular Day, Pizza, ANTM

Today was a pretty regular day at work. We still don’t make any passport pictures. My boss phoned the technicians again today and we might even order a complete new system to make the new passport pictures. That costs about as much as not selling passport pictures for one week. Yup, you make a lot of money with these pictures. We had one customer with 22 films today. That was fun :) (and a lot of money). It took us about all day to print those films, but we finished them in time. The only annoying thing today was the last customer we had. He ordered his pictures really late and I had to stay for half an hour extra to print his pictures and it wasn’t even worth that much.
When I got home, Martijn had already prepared pizza. He bought cheap prefab pizzas and created his own topping. Usually I’m not too fond of his pizzas, but today it tasted really good.
I also received a letter from Rosary Army in which they acknowledged that they had received my rosaries and thanked me for them. It was really funny: instead of Den Haag they had spelled Den Maag (The Stomach roughly translated). I was really glad with that letter. It’s fun to receive mail from the States.
Tonight was the season’s finale of Americans Next Top Model. We’re one season behind America’s season I think, so I didn’t dare check the website because I didn’t want to see who won the series before I saw all the episodes. And now I know who won and I’m not happy with it. Nicole won. And she’s the last one I wanted to win. She’s young and childish and very American and just stupid. I just wished Nic or Bre would win, because they were more mature and more pretty.


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