30 August 2006

Shopping Spree

Today I had a true shopping spree. It’s funny how you don’t have a Dutch word for that term. I went to Pilates this morning, I took a shower and I had lunch at home. Then I went to the centre of The Hague to go shopping. I had bought slippers for at home but there was a hole in them after only two days, so I returned them and chose some others. I also bought 4 new pairs of pants: 2 pairs of jeans and 2 regular pairs of pants. I didn’t really needed all of these, but my current jeans is showing signs of wear and I can’t wear it for too long now. The two regular pants were very cheap, also made of cheap material, so I just had to bring these as well. I also bought a robe for at home; a really soft and fluffy very bright pink one. I hope no one will ever see it except for Martijn, because it looks awful, but I think it’s very comfortable. I also bought a CD player for in the bedroom. I thought these were cheaper by now, but I was a bit disappointed when I saw the prices. I especially wanted one that could play MP3’s, since all my music is now in MP3 format. This CD player also has a USB slot, so that I can use Martijns MP3 player if I don’t want to play a CD. Well, and after that I was out of money. I only went to buy groceries together with Martijn. I bought all the groceries that I will need for the next 3 days, so Martijn was a bit astonished with how much I was buying. But he was with me so he could carry the heavy things.
Oh, and tonight I prepared dinner and I kind of screwed up. I didn’t boil the eggs long enough, I didn’t add enough water to the potatoes and I messed up the sauce I wanted to add to the meal. I spent about an hour in preparing the meal, but it didn’t taste like I wanted it to. I was very disappointed.
I also bought a new mouse pad today with silver and with a space to add your own picture to it. I think I’m going to add this picture of the prairie dogs which we took in the zoo the last time. I’ll see how it turns out.


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