05 September 2006

My 24th Birthday!

Today was my 24th birthday. I didn’t really feel birthdayish today. The Dutch word for having your birthday is ‘jarig’, but I don’t think there’s an English equivalent to it. The first one to congratulate me this morning was the train conductor who checked my ticket and saw my birthday on it. I had a lot of luck this morning. I went to the tram, but there was no current, so I had to walk to another tram, where they didn’t have current as well, so I had to go to yet another tram. I was just in time at work.
When the boss and his wife arrived they gave me my presents. I got two bed spreads (for 1-person beds while we have 2-persons). I also got 6 coffee cups and a set of a shawl, gloves and a cap. I’m glad they thought of me, but they weren’t the best gifts ever. I didn’t say so of course and I shouldn’t comment upon gifts given to me.
It was really busy at work today. We had lots and lots of films to develop and lots of work. My boss wanted to send me home by 5 o’clock because it’s my birthday, but it was just impossible. I worked till 6:15 pm and then I went home.
When I got home, Martijn had the pancakes ready for me. I had ordered them as special birthday food. He made my special apple-raisin-cinnamon-sugar pancakes. I really love those. That was really great. His birthday gift to me was a big bag of candy and the DVD of Lost, the second season first part. I had asked for this and I’m really happy with it. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen in the series.
Oh, and Fr Roderick is back from his holiday. I’m really happy with that, because finally I have a new Daily Breakfast to listen to. I also watched the show tonight in which he stars: ‘Dat zal ze leren’. I really enjoyed it. I also watched ‘Holland’s Next Top Model’, but I didn’t really like it. It looks so simple with Dutch people and it doesn’t have the special feeling of the American version. We’ll see how it turns out.


At 02:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday, dear Yelda... Happy Birthday to YOU!

Now, you will have to change your bio to read: I am a 24 year old... LOL!!!

I'm all caught up with your blog, hearing about shopping, work, school, and your bright pink robe [you really should buy a web cam... I'd love to SEE this robe!]

Sorry to hear about your professor, and the snotty students... really glad to hear that you got the newest HP DVD - that's cool!

Good luck with the rest of your week and be looking for me! Say HI to Martijn...

All the Best!
comming to you from beautiful Newport, MI - USA
Taa Daa!


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