03 September 2006

University, Last Day, Church

Thursday evening was the first night I had to go back to the university. I had some mixed feelings about it. I want to go back to study and learn more, but doing nothing and just relaxing is also something I can get used to. I wasn’t really happy to see my classmates again. I mean, it’s nice to have someone to talk to while there, but I know these people talk about me behind my back and I could feel that while I was talking to them again. The night itself wasn’t that spectacular. We received our new curriculum and I bought a new reader. We got some really disturbing news. I knew that the teacher that I had last year in the first semester for Language Acquisition was very ill, I heard the rumours at the end of last semester, but I didn’t know what had happened to her. I mean, for as far as I knew, she could have a broken leg or something. Now we were told that she has Acute Leukaemia. I was very shocked by that news. She’s a young woman with three children, she can’t be older than 40. I was pretty upset.
Friday was the last day my colleague worked with us. She got me a great birthday gift, I was very much surprised, and pleasantly surprised. She gave me the latest Harry Potter DVD! I hadn’t bought it yet, but I really wanted to have it. I’m really pleased with that gift. We worked together all day, but we didn’t have a very upsetting goodbye or something. She’s starting her new education tomorrow and I really hope this is something she likes and something she can finish.
Yesterday we did our groceries and we did little else. We just relaxed and watched some TV and I played some Guild Wars.
This morning I went to church. My own priest wasn’t there, so some other man led the mass, but it felt a bit strange. Next week the mass will be led by the bishop and I’m really looking forward to that. The link to our church is at: http://www.sintagnes.com Today we did the dished together, we cleaned the kitchen and we did the laundry. I played some Guild Wars and I guess I’m going to bed soon.


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