13 November 2006

My New Camera, GPS

Today I bought a new camera. First I went to church of course and afterwards I met with my classmate to practice our pronunciation and our fluency of speech, needless to say we talked in English. Afterwards I went to a big electronics store close to the library where we studied. I looked at the available cameras, I chose two I really liked and then I called Martijn to check out the Internet information about them for me. I ended up buying the Canon Powershot A530. It’s not the best camera there is, but I was looking for a cool compact camera. This one has 5 megapixels and 4x optical zoom. I really wanted my own camera so I can also make pictures while Martijn is taking his with his camera. I didn’t want my camera to have all the options his camera has, but I wanted to be able to take ‘nice’ pictures and I wanted a compact camera so that we have a camera to take with us when we go out for dinner with family or when we visit family.
Martijn and I are considering buying a GPS navigator. I was talking with Xo last week on Guild Wars and he told me he had been geocaching. I had heard about this, and I told Martijn about it. Since then we’ve been looking around for a GPS navigator. We want to spend somewhere between 150 and 220 Euros and it’s kinda hard to find a suitable device. We do think we want one with the ability to read maps and we want to be able to upload our own maps or at least user-generated maps so that we don’t have to buy the very expensive cd-rom with maps. We’re still looking around and there aren’t any cheap stores in The Hague where we can buy this. We want to order it via the Internet, but we’re not quite sure which model we want and which brand. But I’ll let you know once we’ve decided.


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