09 January 2007

Long Update

Sorry I haven’t updated in a very long time. I’ve been keeping myself busy in many ways, but these ways didn’t involve thinking about anything or any kind of reflection. I’ve been working, just regular days as always. I have played a lot of Guild Wars. This was a lot of fun. The cool thing is that this is just a very different world so that I don’t have to think about any unpleasant things in my real life. And my characters have increased a lot in level, which was a nice addition. On the picture you see the view from the car at the gas station. Martijn was tanking our rental car and I was waiting and bored with my new phone (a very cool Nokia 6233) so I took this picture. Looks like autumn in wintertime, right?

I haven’t done any studying lately, except from reading in the Bible. I should be making my exams tomorrow and the week after, but I’m not going to. I haven’t studied at all and I don’t know enough to pass these exams. I feel really bad about it, because this means I’ll have to take them in August, which is half a year after I had the classes. We’ll see how that turns out. I will do my Language Acquisition 3 exam soon, the language lab one. I have studied and practised so hard for it, I’m really glad I will take this exam.

To keep my brains sharp I’m going to take a short Philosophy course for 4 weeks. The course is given by one of the Brothers of Saint John and it’s about freedom. I’m really curious what it’s going to be like. It means I will have to skip one night of school, the introduction night when they give us our curriculum, but so be it. That’s a lousy, useless evening anyway.

Since last weekend we have digital TV. It’s so cool. Instead of the 35 channels we used to have, we now have 123 channels. We have this many channels because of the 10-day trial period. After that we will have about 60 channels that are a bit interesting, maybe some more remain as well. We now have Discovery Civilization, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel and Living, Hallmark TV, BBC 1-4 and lots of other channels as well. We can also listen to the radio via the television and we have 40 extra music channels. I’m listening to one right now. I’m really excited we finally decided to buy it.

Last Sunday we had a ‘Running Dinner’ with my youth group of the church. Some people had prepared some food for all of us and we travelled from house to house by bike. I was pretty nervous in advance, but it turned out all right. I borrowed a bike from one of the girls, because my bike is still broken. We had a fun day.

I haven’t been thinking of my father that much. I do feel a bit guilty about it. It’s strange that life can just continue and I’m still able to go on, and to make jokes and have fun, while my father is dead. My work just goes on as ever and I can play Guild Wars and watch TV and make jokes with Martijn. I don’t even think that much about my father. Only now and then I realize that he will never read this, he won’t be at my wedding, he will never see my children, things like that. That’s still the hardest part for me. And in the meantime, I just have to go to work and continue living, even when both of my parents have lost faith in life.


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