17 April 2008

New Old Blog, New Job, Postcrossing

Phew, I did it. I just manually deleted all the files of my Wordpress blog. There are still things on that ftp account that aren’t mine, but I’m not sure which of those I can delete, so I’ll leave them on for a couple of days until I know which to delete. Hmm, for those of you who hadn’t noticed yet: my blog was hacked. Martijn noticed it because he saw that a lot of spam was added to the blogposts that were imported into Hyves and Facebook. And I never updated my Wordpress account. I was too lazy for it and I didn’t really know how to do it. But now the spam was getting worse and worse so I had to do something. So tonight I decided to just delete it all. Luckily I can still access my account. I never made a back up of my blog, so I can’t put it back. I did save all the text files, so if I’m very active I can put the text back on one day, but I don’t think that will really happen. You’ll just have to live with a gap of 12 months in my online history.

But now about me. I’m doing okay. I started at my new job two weeks ago. It was quite difficult to settle there and get adapted to the new environment, but it’s getting better as we go along. It’s very different from my previous work of course, but it’s also a lot closer to my house, which is good :)

I have been very active at Postcrossing these last few weeks. I went to the Postcrossing meeting on the 29th of March in Rotterdam which was really cool. I took a lot of pictures of Rotterdam. I had never really visited that city, only passed through it. But ever since that day I have visited the forum more often. I now also send postcards through ‘tags’ and ‘round robins’. You post a reply on a specific thread on the forum like ‘cat-tag’ and then you promise to send the person you ‘tag’ a cat card. And the next person tags you and sends you a cat card, which is great :) We exchange our addresses through the personal messages system of the forum. And with a round robin you make a group in a certain thread and then you send every person in that group a card, so you send four cards (in a group of five) and you receive four, usually with a specific theme. And I also exchange teas in this way with people. It’s just so much fun. I love trying to find cards, buying stamps, writing the cards and eventually also receiving cards from all over the world. Yes, I found a hobby :)


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