24 January 2006

Eyes, University, Grades

It’s been a while since I last updated, but here I am again. A couple of days I forgot to update, and the other days I just didn’t have anything to tell.
Today my eyes have been bugging me, they are a bit inflamed (if that’s the right word). They are very red and I have trouble focusing on things when I just turn my head. I bought some drops to ease my eyes, but do you know how difficult it is to get a drop out of the bottle into my eye? I keep missing, and that’s really frustrating. I know this will all pass by in a couple of days, but it’s still annoying.
Tonight I had to go to the university, to pick up my new curriculum and my readers for the second semester. Only two of the four readers were available, but what’s new. It will only take about 2 months for the other reader to arrive, I suspect.
But, then the woman (student-coordinator) gave us our grades! I was very surprised, since I wasn’t supposed to get my grades until Thursday. The grades are not official, they have a meeting about them tomorrow, but she decided to give them anyway. And I passed all the courses! Even the one I really thought I hadn’t. I’m still not too enthusiastic until Thursday, until I know for sure that these are my grades, but until then I’m very happy. It would save me so much time if I don’t have to study all of the theory again.
And tomorrow I’ll have to work again. I hope my eyes will be better by then, since it’ll be very annoying to work when my eyes are like this. Let’s hope for the best.


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