08 February 2006

Job Interview, First Classes, Strange Call

Today I got the phone call! I was called by the bookstore where I have applied. Luckily it was a quiet moment at work and I was able to answer the call. They asked me some preliminary questions, just to see if they would scare me off or that I would still be interested. They did scare me a bit, but I didn’t tell them that of course. They just said that the job is full-time (she said that like 5 times) and that I will have my own department which will be my responsibility. If the department doesn’t go well, I will be accounted for that as well, so I’m accountable for the profits of this department. I said that I didn’t mind that and that I’m still very interested. I have an appointment for next Tuesday afternoon. I’m very glad they called me and invited me. I was afraid they wouldn’t…
Yesterday I had my first classes of the second semester. It was not too exciting. The Philology class might be interesting, but it could turn out to be a bit boring as well. Language Lab will be fine, although I miss my former teacher. I wish we could have him back. And Language Acquisition will be just boring. I will only have to listen to presentations of others during the classes, and all the work will have to be done at home. That’s not very new, but the lessons will not be very interesting. Tomorrow I’ll have my first Literature classes. I don’t think that’ll be exciting, just very much like the first semester.
And yesterday I got some strange phone-calls. I was in class when I have been called 7 times on my mobile phone. This was really strange, since I didn’t know the number who called, and the person called on a number not many people have. So today he called again. The first time this person said: “Can you receive me this afternoon?” I just said: “Who is this?” And then the man hung up. The second time he already hung up when I had just said my name and the 3rd time he asked me where Sandra was or whether I knew who she was. I told him I didn’t know any Sandra’s and he ended up apologizing for calling me on my telephone so many times while it was the wrong number. Strange people…


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