26 January 2006

Bad Morning, Tickets, Job, Tomorrow

I didn’t have a very good morning this morning. The train was really busy and I had to stand half of the way, which I really loathe. Then I heard that on part of the railway track on which I have to travel on Sunday to get to my mother, there will be no trains. I was pissed about it, because that means we’ll have to travel by bus or travel via another city which will take longer. This is the only Sunday in a very long time that I will travel by train, why did they choose this weekend!
Then, at work, I tried calling for a promotion. It said in my TV-guide that we could order tickets for free for the new Jim Carrey movie ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’. The lines would open at 10 am. So that’s when I called, but they kept saying that the lines were busy. And by the time I did get through, which was 10.45 am, there were no more tickets available in the cinema of my first choice. I was really pissed off about that.
And then, to conclude, I received a phone-call from the drugstore where I applied. They have chosen not to hire me. I don’t know any reasons; they only asked me if I wanted to pick up the documents I had sent them. These were all lousy copies, so I asked the woman to throw them away.
When I told my bf this all had happened, he suggested it might be better to turn off my phone and not answer it anymore, so no more bad messages could come through
Nothing else happened, but I did feel quite lousy this morning. I wasn’t even very upset that I didn’t get the job. I was a bit relieved actually, since I had started to doubt whether I would like to work there. Now I’ll just have to think really hard what kind of work I want to do.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day. My eyes did nag me a little today, but not as bad as yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll go to the library with my friend; we’re going to do some studying in advance for the next semester. That will be quite nice
Let’s just hope things will be better tomorrow.


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