16 February 2006

Rejected, Quiet Day at Work, Classes

I didn’t get the job I applied for. The rejection letter was in my mailbox today. I’m pretty upset about it. Not that I won’t be working for this company, since I was having some doubts about it anyway, but being rejected twice isn’t fun, especially since it’s on two different levels. I mean, the one job was for an assistant-manager position, which was evidently too high for me, but now they asked a regular sales-person. At least, that’s the level they asked in the job vacancy advertisement. I just don’t know what kind of jobs to apply for anymore, and I do need the money quickly.
It was an awful day at work. It was really very quiet and I even did some homework during the day, because we really didn’t have any work. I didn’t like that, way too quiet for me.
The classes were OK. The first class on Oroonoko was a bit boring in the beginning, but during the second half the teacher kind of got into the mood of things, so then it was getting interesting. The second class was very interesting. I was afraid I hadn’t prepared well enough (since I did it today at work), but it was sufficient. We discussed two articles concerning ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathan Swift. I was even able to make some smart remarks, so that’s always nice.
This weekend I’ll just stay at home and do all my homework, unlike last week when I didn’t do that much during the weekend. I’m looking forward to it already…


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