13 April 2006

Work, Lit Class, Philology Assignment

Wow, I’m really tired. I worked all day today and I went to classes tonight. It was pretty quiet at work today. I didn’t do too much, so that didn’t tire me a lot. I made an order for photo albums, but it had to be € 500,- minimum and we came to € 300,-. I didn’t do the complete math, but that’s what I estimate. I don’t know what we’re going to do with this order now.
Tonight I had classes, Literature, about Samuel Johnson ‘The Vanity of Human Wishes’ and some other poems of which I have forgotten the names. It was a nice lecture, because now I feel like I understand the basics of this poem.
I just got back the grade of one of my assignments for Philology. I only had a 6.1, while I thought it was a very easy assignment. But she graded it really to the detail, which was quite annoying. But the class average was 4.7, so I guess my grade was one of the best (slightly exaggerated of course).
Off to bed and get some good rest.


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