02 May 2006

Portfolio Finished, Work, Tomorrow

Wow, I just finished my portfolio. Actually, I still need to adjust 2 things, but that’ll be like 2 minutes work. So, basically it’s ready. I’m relieved that it’s done, but I’m unhappy when I think of all the work that I haven’t done yet. I haven’t done anything about my presentation today. I haven’t studied at all for the Vocab Quiz. I knew that was not going to happen, but it would have been nice.
I did get my ‘How to’ books today. I’m really happy. They were just there; I don’t even have to go to the post office to go get them. I can’t wait to read them. I wish I had some more time.
Today at work was really busy. When I started to work, the owner arrived. She had worked last Friday and the shop was one big mess. When we started to work this morning, it was really busy, and ten things had to be done at the same time, and nothing went right. I was really relieved when my colleague showed up and the owner left and I could get back to my own pace and the peace and quiet returned a bit.
I have to do lots of homework tomorrow. Let’s not make the goals to difficult to reach, let’s say that I want to finish my presentation for next Thursday. I hope that at least that will succeed.


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