14 January 2007

Our First Geo-cache

Today was our first successful geocache hunt. You can check out the photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/charda/

We had lots of fun looking for the caches. Once we got to the locations of the caches, we found them fairly easily. I was the one who found them every time. Once because a pencil was sticking out of the ground, I found another one because it looked too much like the leaves and branches had been placed there and I found another one because I saw the plastic of the bag. I swapped a wup, a keychain and a little ball for some other small goodies I put in there. Right now my feet really hurt and I’m really tired. So I’m off to bed soon.


At 11:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yolanda is a good treasure hunter and found many new friends :-)


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