10 April 2007

New Website, New e-mail, No New Shoes

Last Sunday I ordered a domainname and some webspace for me. I checked the domain charda.nl and it was still available. I registered this name and 500 MB of webspace as well. As yet there is nothing to see there, but I will add more in the coming weeks/months. Right now I'm still using this blog, and I might continue to do so. I mainly wanted the webspace so that I will have my own e-mail and that I'm no longer dependent on Hotmail or Gmail. For those of you who would like to know my new e-mail address, please e-mail me. I'd rather not put it on this website for all the spammers to find it. I will continue to read all my other e-mail addresses.
This afternoon I went shopping. I needed new shoes and a bag with wheels for this weekend. I didn't find any shoes. I actually hate buying new shoes, since I can never find shoes for my feet. I did buy a really nice bag. It's a regular weekendbag but then with wheels. I will need it this weekend when Martijn and I are going to the First Aid rehearsal weekend. I am not looking forward to it. I also bought the second season of Dawson's Creek. It wasn't that expensive and I wanted to have for a very long time.


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