04 February 2006

Bad Work, Homework, AOM

Here is just another short update. Thursday was another very bad day at work. It was like all the customers were nagging and everything was wrong. I was very tired and I got to the point where I almost started to cry, while that never happens to me at work.
And then Friday I had to work again. I really didn’t feel like it, but I needed the money. Oh, and I posted the letter to the bookstore. So I hope I will be invited to the job-interview.
Today I stayed at home. My bf did the big groceries and I went with him for the last things at the local supermarket two streets away. I did my Philology homework today. That was pretty interesting. Philology is about the history of the English language. I had to look at the ‘thou’ vs ‘you’ history and I had to compare different versions of the ‘Our Father’ prayer. I also had to look at a page from Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare, at the first page of the original folio edition. That was pretty interesting. Tomorrow I’ll have to do the vocab exercises and study Literature.
I also bought Age of Mythology and I’m enjoying it. I just finished playing, and I won! I think this is the first time I have won by destroying my enemy. I am very proud of myself.


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