12 February 2006

Beach, HomeWork, AoMTT, Rome

As you can read on Icewatcher’s blog, I went to walk on the beach this morning with my mother-in-law and we went to drink a cup of coffee and a pastry. I had to get up really early, at least for a Sunday morning, and the weather wasn’t too great either. That’s not to say it was cold and wet and raining and I was pretty happy when we got to the hotel where we were to have some coffee and pastry. There it was warm and we could melt a little. The only this is that this place is really posh. I wasn’t dressed for posh, I was dressed for walking on the beach. I was wearing my big walking shoes and a regular sweater and jeans. I didn’t feel too comfortable compared to the other visitors. The bus on the way to the beach went past the bookstore where I have a job interview next Tuesday. Now I know which bus stop I need to have. It’s only 3 minutes by bus! I am really happy with that. If I get my bike fixed, I can just go by bike.
Today I finished my Vocab homework, although it’s not all I have to do. I still need to do my Philology homework and I need to summarize two articles for next Thursday. I’ll just see when I’ll do that…
Tonight I played the new expansion I have to Age of Mythology, The Titans. It’s a pretty good expansion, couple of nice extras. I also watched one of my favourite TV-series of the moment, Rome. I really love the way they have put that show together. And tomorrow, guess what, I have to go to work.


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