14 February 2006

Pilates, Job Interview, Classes

Phew, I’m back home and I can almost go to bed. This morning I started with my regular Pilates lesson. It went OK. I told my teacher I might have to leave early because of my job interview, but it wasn’t necessary. Well, I could have left earlier, but I didn’t and I still made everything in time. The lesson went OK. My teacher said she really saw some improvement in me, that my back was straighter and my breathing more relaxed. I’m happy with this.
After that I had my job interview. I rushed and ran to make it in time, but I was about 10 minutes early, so that was very good. I don’t know how the interview went. I tried my best and I told them pretty much everything I wanted to tell them. I don’t know if I would fit in the company. I’ll have to dress really nicely and wear skirts all the time. The function in itself still sounds really good. But there are other candidates as well, so I don’t know if they’ll pick me. They’ll let me know within a week, so I’ll just have to wait.
Tonight I had classes again. We had another teacher for the Philology class and he was really cool. He talked with lots of intonation and made it sound really exciting. The subject was very interesting as well, but a boring teacher can really devastate such a topic. The lecture was about the origins of the English language and of certain words, and the relationship with Sanskrit. After Philology I had Language Lab and after that I had Language Acquisition. We started with a ‘surprise-quiz’ of Vocab, but we had already been e-mailed that we would have this quiz this week. I had prepared it, but I didn’t make it too well. I hope I’ll have a 6.
And tomorrow another day at work…


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