24 April 2006

Church, Homework, DwtS, Work

Well, I ordered the books I was talking about yesterday. I ordered them this afternoon when I got back from church. I am going to send out some letters to end some subscriptions tomorrow, to free some money to be able to do this.
I really liked church this morning. There were a lot of kids there, because 8 children were to have their Holy Communion. There was also a children’s choir and I enjoyed it. I’m glad to have been there. I’m only curious to see what the regular masses are like and how many people then will be in the church, cause the last two weeks it was pretty busy, but these were special days of course. The books I ordered are: ‘The How to Book of Catholic Devotions’ and ‘The How-To Book of the Mass’. It will take about 5-7 days for these books to arrive, but I’m really looking forward to receiving them. I feel like there will be a lot of answers in these books.
This afternoon I did some homework. I finished my Philology homework for next Tuesday and I finished my grammar of the last two weeks. I’m not exactly up to speed yet, but at least I’ve done something. Oh, and in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ another of my favourites had to leave. I’m pretty disappointed about it, because this stupid soccer-player can’t even dance, but he gets all the votes from the audience. That shouldn’t be the basis to stay in this show. I wish he would leave.
Tomorrow I’ll have to work again. I’m curious to see whether my colleague is back and how long he’ll still be working at the shop. I’m also curious about my job and whether I will be hired, but I will need to have patience until next Saturday.


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