30 April 2006

Some Homework, Church, Why Jesus

I didn’t quite make all the targets that I wanted to make today. I did finish my language lab portfolio. Well, I finished all the separate assignments. Now I need to put them together and add an index and front page and such. But that’s less than half an hour work. I should have finished my Literature presentation, but I haven’t. I was just too tired and I had a head ache. I only finished about one third of what I should have done. I just kept focusing on the wrong things and so I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.
This morning I went to church. I really enjoyed being there again. I was afraid not many people were there when I came in, but about 10 minutes later there were still enough people. When a woman wished my Christ’s peace, I was really startled by how friendly she was to me somehow.
And tomorrow I’m gonna start an Internet course ‘Why Jesus’. It’s a Dutch course which lasts 4 weeks and will tell you basically all about Jesus and will introduce you to the church. I will need to do assignments and the answers to these questions will be commented upon by my e-coach. I’m really curious to see what it’ll be like and if it’ll show me anything new.
And I hope to receive my books tomorrow or the day after that. I know they’re on their way here, so I’m really curious.


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