18 April 2006

Work, Job Interview, Class

Pilates? Homework? No, not today. Yes, I know that was the original plan, but when I got my mobile phone out of my bag and looked at it, right before going to bed, I saw that I had missed 4 calls and that I had 3 voicemail messages. That’s usually a sign for bad news, and it was. The owners of the shop where I work called me that many times, because my sick colleague was supposed to work today, but he couldn’t because he was still sick, and so they wanted me to work. They were on a holiday somewhere on the other side of the Netherlands and they couldn’t be in the shop early enough. And since I’m a big fool, I went and worked today. I felt really really horrible tonight when I decided I had to go to work instead of my colleague. It messed up all my plans, it meant I couldn’t go to my Pilates class and that I couldn’t do any homework. I rescheduled my Pilates class this morning to next Saturday and I asked if I could leave a little early from work so that I could do some homework and I did. And then, this morning, I was called. I actually missed a call twice, but I looked up the telephone number and I saw that it was the telephone number of one of the companies I had applied to. I was really thrilled. I decided to call them back and after trying a few times, I got hold of the right person. He didn’t even know who I was, what job I was applying for, but I told him and I have the job interview next Saturday! I am so happy! Well, it didn’t sound so good when he didn’t know what job I was applying for and asked me if I wanted to be a regular sales-person, while I had applied for the job of assistant-manager. I’m just gonna take a look there on Saturday, and I really hope this works out and I’ll be hired. There couldn’t have been a better day for this phone call than today!
And tonight I had my class. It was all right. It was about American English and how the European people went to North America and took the country and how their languages influenced English. It was pretty interesting. And tomorrow there’s work.


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