18 February 2007

CameraManHamster & Muis, Huishoudbeurs, My Father, GW mini pet, Memory, Tomorrow

The two little friends you see on my screen are the newest additions to my stuffed bears family. The one on the right is my Cameraman Hamster. He is given out by one of the largest supermarket brands here in the Netherlands. They appear in TV-commercials. Martijn bought it for me as a Valentine’s Day gift. The one on the left is Muis, which is Dutch for ‘mouse’. He doesn’t have a name yet, although I like Muis a lot as a name. I bought him at the Huishoudbeurs last Friday. He doesn’t have any special features. I just liked the looks of him and that’s why I bought him.

The Huishoudbeurs is a bit hard to explain for people who don’t know anything about it. It’s like a trade fair for housewives. It just to be about the newest inventions for the household, like the vacuum cleaner was first introduced on this trade fair (in the Netherlands at least). Nowadays it’s just a commercial gathering where are the big brands try to sell as much as possible. I went there with my boss and we had a fun evening. I bought lots of food and then mostly cookies and chocolate and such.

Last Monday I spent all day at work scanning the pictures of my father. It was really quiet and I had promised my grandmother I would send her some pictures. The downside was that I was really depressed and sad when I came home. I’ve been crying for most of the evening afterwards. It’s so annoying that I have to consider myself before doing something, like putting together a photo-album with my father’s pictures. I just know I have to wait in doing it. I don’t want to upset myself too much and I still need to deal with my emotions. It’s so confusing to go through a period of mourning. I wish I had no need for it.

Today I played Guild Wars and there was the Canthan New Year event. It was so much fun. I got many gifts and I received a mini pet! I got a mini pig! I am so happy with it. I’ve never had a mini pet before and I just got this one for free. A lot of people received it, so it’s nothing special anymore, but I’m really glad that I’ve got it. I even sent a letter to ArenaNet, the producer of Guild Wars, that I really appreciate the fact that they organise these events and that I love them for it. I hope they’ll continue doing these things.

Last Sunday I bought some upgrades for my computer. I bought a new hard disk, 250 GB and 2 new RAM memory modules, 512 MB each, so that I have a total of 1536 MB RAM memory. I’m very happy with it and I hope this will make my computer last a couple years longer.

And tomorrow there’s work again and the day after I really need to do some serious homework. I haven’t done that much this weekend, at least not on the homework front.


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