05 February 2007

Mini Holiday, Exam Tomorrow

This weekend we went on our mini holiday. We have had a really good time. You can see some of the pictures at: http://flickr.com/photos/charda/ It felt so good to be away from home to these ‘vacation-like’ surroundings. We brought many coordinates with us to look for geocaches, but we didn’t really succeed in it. We found one on Saturday, but we couldn’t go looking for the next, because we had to walk to the village which was closest by so we could buy some groceries. There was a small supermarket on the terrain itself, but it was really expensive and they didn’t have any fresh fruits or vegetables. We just wanted to visit a real supermarket and get some decent groceries.
On Sunday we tried to find a second geocache, but we failed. It was a multicache, which means you need to look for some clues and figure out the next coordinates for yourself. The problem was that we couldn’t find the first clue and from then on we couldn’t find any other hints either and it was one big failure. We walked back home and we planned to eat out in the restaurant on the terrain that evening. But we hadn’t made any reservations, and the restaurant turned out to be completely full when we got there, so we couldn’t eat there. We just went to the snack bar next door. On Saturday afternoon we went bowling for one hour. This was fun to do. Martijn and I had never done that together, but it was fun to do with just the two of us. I think Martijn won. He was better at throwing all the pins down, while I kept throwing only 8 of them over.
Tomorrow I have my Linguistics exam. I haven’t studied at all. I just glanced over the mock-exam this afternoon, but I don’t know anything. I can’t answer a single question. I can’t not go, because I requested this special exam for me. I’ll just go and fail and I hope I can do it again in August.


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