02 February 2006

Update, New Job Application

Here’s a short update on me: I am tired (but what’s new), I worked all day, I’ll have to work again tomorrow and I’m going to apply to a new job.
Well, work was nothing special today. It wasn’t too busy, but we had stuff to do, and the turnover was all right, though moderate.
Then, at work, I decided to check the website of several bookstores here in The Hague to see if they have any job vacancies. And one of them did…The bookstore closest to my house (about 5 mins by bus) has a job opening for a fulltime sales-advisor. It looked really great, because they want someone to help people in finding the right books, keeping the department up to date, and clean. The department they need people for is mainly fiction, so I really like that. I qualify for like everything they wanted in their new employee. They needed someone who is quiet, who can work alone and together, who can work with the computer, who’s older than 22 (I’m 23) and I even have the right diplomas. I just wrote my application letter and I will send it tomorrow by snail-mail together with my resume. I hope they’ll respond quickly!


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