08 February 2007


Snow in the Netherlands!
You wouldn't believe it! The whole country was in an uproar today because they had predicted some snowfall today. They actually predicted very heavy snowfall, but it was kind of disappointing after all. Most had disappeared at the end of the afternoon. I got to leave work early luckily, and the trains were only a little delayed. Nothing too serious.

I didn't have class tonight because the university got a new rector today. I don't know who came up with the idea to skip all of the lessons for the rest of the day, but apparently someone did. I only heard about it yesterday from a classmate I met in the train. No one had bothered to tell us anything about it. I called the secretary this morning to make sure I had no class.

Well, I'm gonna read some pages of Bleak House now and then I'm going to sleep.


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